Some local councils (in Victoria, Australia), are setting fairly formal rules that significatnly or fully restrict felines from going beyond their inside fortress. And with that, there is a rising trend towards the establishment of some fairly creative cat enclosures.  One of the healthiest and most cat friendly items that can be included within the enclosure and beyond, deals with tasty garden treats. Catnip is by far the green substance of choice. A wonderful aphrodisiac that puts a pep in any tired cat. If you want your precious family member to go beyond blue, find a pot and include the follwing mouth watering delights:  Catnip, wheat, oats, rye and even barley grass. 

We'll come back to discover the most colourful pot to grow in the cat enclosure or in the garden. It's always helpful to remember those plants which are not the cat's friends, notably lillies, oleander, tulips and daffodils, azaleas. We wouldn't eat them either!